Let us change transport to limit global heating!

We promote sustainable transport worldwide to harness societal benefits, such as access to jobs, clean air and economic development, to improve quality of life and to fight the climate crisis.

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Changing Transport: Training, Consulting, Connecting

We offer training and consulting services and connect transport colleagues from around the world with regard to the following areas of expertise.

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BLOG: Seven Essentials of Designing and Monitoring a Climate Change Strategy for the Transport Sector

When the Advancing Transport Climate Strategies (TraCS) project started in 2017, the implementation of Kenya’s Climate Change Act was just getting started, and the transport sector was not yet a focus of climate change policy. Martin Eshiwani, Director of Road and Rail Transport Services at the State Department of Transport (SDoT) and a key partner to […]

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Taxes and Congestion Charges: Study Identifies Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Mobility

With the aim of increasing the resources that can be allocated to sustainable urban mobility projects and policies, the...

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BLOG: Towards a Better Normal: Philippine Government reorganises EDSA main road – Bus Service Modernisation

The Philippine government has for years been studying options to improve people movement along the EDSA, one of Metro...

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