Let us change transport to limit global heating!

We promote sustainable transport worldwide to harness societal benefits, such as access to jobs, clean air and economic development, to improve quality of life and to fight the climate crisis.

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Changing Transport: Training, Consulting, Connecting

We offer training and consulting services and connect transport colleagues from around the world with regard to the following areas of expertise.

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“I wait for it. I don’t ride the old Jeepneys.” – Modernizing the Jeepney Sector

Maylin Tuano stopped riding old Jeepneys, the most dominant form of public transport, and started to wait for the new buses. That Maylin is now able to enjoy more comfortable busses which also stop where she takes another ride, so that she does not have to walk far anymore, is one of the results of […]

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Webinar: Methodologies for Baselines and Monitoring in the Transport Sector

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the final episode of our joint webinar of the UNFCCC Secretariat...

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A Bike Changes Your Life in Every Way

How do women move around in Latin American cities? Lina Esperanza Mendoza bets on the bicycle as the perfect...

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Featured Publications

What is Eco-Driving?

GIZ Sourcebook on Eco-Driving

This Sourcebook by GIZ’s predecessor organisation GTZ explains concisely what is eco-driving, what its advantages are and how it can be achieved and sustained. It is an older report from 2005 and has a...

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