Let us change transport to limit global warming!

We promote sustainable transport worldwide to harness societal benefits, such as access to jobs, clean air and economic development, to improve quality of life and to fight climate change.

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We offer training and consulting services and connect transport colleagues from around the world with regard to the following areas of expertise.

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Improving Air Quality for Peruvian Cities and Citizens

Breathing clean air and having a clinical history free of respiratory diseases are luxuries that millions of Peruvians cannot afford-due to the high-level air pollution in the country. Worldwide, ​​in terms of air pollution Peru is ranked on rank 21st ,  (28 PM2.5 μg / m³), according to the 2018 World Air Quality report. This […]

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Cycling for a Low Carbon Development

Its a fact that the bicycle helps to enforce a more equal social development and that moreover cycling is...

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Climate Finance is Key to Accelerate Action

Timely finance for the implementation of climate actions is both the key and the challenge to be faced according...

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Featured Publications

Cycling for Low Carbon Development

Results of the Cyclist Profile in 5 Mexican cities

In recent years, Mexican cities have increasingly generated quantitative information about cycling trips, to inform their infrastructure plans and programmes, as well as cycling equipment. But who are the cyclists? Why did they start...

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