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C40 Study on Air Pollution in Mexico City (in Spanish)

This study by the C40 Cities Finance Facility analyzes air pollutant emissions from the Eje 8 Sur corridor based on a traffic micro-simulation model. It includes information on the methodology and the simulation tool used to measure annual total emissions and the estimation of CO2 equivalents and presents results and possible solution strategies.

Name of the Document: Estudio de contaminación atmosférica
Organisation: C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF)
Year: 2018
53 Pages | Language: Spanish

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Guidebook on Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring of City Bus Operations

This guidebook by the GIZ Project “Integrated Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for Smart Cities (SMART-SUT)” in India shares guidelines for performance monitoring of technology, demand, supply and fleet-based indicators.

Name of the Document: Bhubaneswar on the move: Tools and Guidelines for City Bus Operations
Organisation: GIZ SMART-SUT, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT)
Author: Prashath Bachu
Year: 2019
47 Pages | Language: English

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Friedel Sehlleier