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General Information

The first section introduces the basic concepts and key principles of measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation measures.

Phase 1 – Define Scope and Boundaries

In order for a MRV process to be successfully implemented, in the first phase practitioners need to analyze the scope and effects of the mitigation action, assess the transport data available as well as set the boundaries for the analysis. This module thus aims at providing the necessary guidelines for the success of the first phase of the MRV process such as guidelines on the calculation of emissions inventories in the transport sector.

Step 1: Identify main effects of mitigation action 

The scope of the mitigation action as well as its effects are identified. Concluding key indicators to track GHG emissions and effects on transport activities are derived.

Step 2: Assess data availability/gaps 

Checking for institutionalised data (e.g. statistics), other available data sources (e.g. research, development aid projects) and determining the data to be collected.

Step 3: Define boundaries for analysis 

Phase 2 – Scenarios and Modelling

This module provides project managers with the relevant knowledge and methodologies to develop baseline scenarios and equips practitioners with models to calculate GHG emissions and approaches to develop a data collection plan.

Step 4: Develop baseline scenario (and ex-ante mitigation scenario)

Step 5: Set-up model to calculate emissions

Step 6: Develop data collection plan

Phase 3 – Monitoring

Monitoring is a crucial part of the MRV process. This module aims at overcoming challenges in monitoring by giving guidance on various monitoring options and providing tools for the reporting of GHG emissions.

Step 7: Collect data (measure)

Step 8: Calculate emission reductions

Step 9: Report and verify

Capacity Development

This section includes series of webinars, tutorials and guidebooks for various methodologies and tools within the MRV process.




Case Studies

Finally, this section contains a diverse collection of case studies compiled from specific mitigation measures from different regions.


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