In China, the transport team of GIZ works with the Ministry of Transport on a diverse range of topics. The projects support the ambitions of the Chinese government to tackle the challenges of increased passenger and freight transport demand.

The goal of the China Low Carbon Transportation Project (CLCT) is to develop monitoring and reporting tools and avoid/shift/improve policies. The project also implements pilots to reduce urban traffic emissions through efficient application of existing, as well as new technologies, such as sharing platforms, and supports the Chinese partners to improve inter-city transport.

The Mobility and Fuels Strategy (MFS) project with the support of the leading MFS research institutions in Germany assesses the feasibility of future technologies for the aviation, shipping and heavy duty industry along with the necessary infrastructure development in the Jing-Jin-Ji (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei) region.

The third project focuses on electric mobility and analyses the market developments, technical and regulatory barriers on new energy vehicles  in China. Hereby, GIZ supports the German government to create a level playing field for the German automotive industry. GIZ works as an intelligence unit evaluating the whole supply chain of a sustainable mobility development, works on charging infrastructure as well as battery recycling.

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