The Government of the Philippines through the national Department of Transportation (DOTr) and GIZ work together towards a more climate-friendly sustainable urban mobility system in the country.

GIZ supports the DOTr in its nationwide public transport reform, with focus on the jeepney sector (semi-informal minibus system). The jointly developed Jeepney+ NAMA aims to establish a high quality public transport system inducing ongoing fleet renewal of approx. 200,000 vehicles, a transition towards higher capacity buses, professionalization of the operations and improved service levels.

The NAMA initiates a transformational change of the entire public transport market in the Philippines by creating a supportive regulatory and financial framework unlocking private investments into low carbon public transport vehicles and operations, with up to 3.1 billion Euro of private investments.

Latest News

“I wait for it. I don’t ride the old Jeepneys.” – Modernizing the Jeepney Sector

Maylin Tuano stopped riding old Jeepneys, the most dominant form of public transport, and started to...
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Change Has Come for the Philippine Jeepneys

In the Philippines, Jeepneys (approximately 200,000 nationwide) are the most dominant form of public transport, accounting...
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Where Convenience of People Matters Most

Walking is the most common form of mobility and is generally how all trips start and...
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    Interview with Martin Delgra, Chairman LTFRB, Philippines

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    How the Philippines Are Modernising Their Bus Services

    Public transport in the Philippines is dominated by informal, poorly maintained buses and jeepneys (which started...
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    Best Practices for Urban Mobility Planning

    Many cities face major challenges due to the negative impact of increasing motorization and fast urban...
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    Modernizing Public Transport in the Philippines

    Modernizing Public Transport in the Philippines: The Jeepney+ NAMA The Public Utility Vehicle Modernization (PUVM) Program...
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    Facilitating the Development of Ambitious Transport Mitigation Actions (TRANSfer)

    Developing mitigation actions and facilitating access to climate finance.
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