Climate actions

Sustainable transport: We aim to mitigate emissions.

In the Paris Agreement all countries committed to climate targets – including emission reductions from transport. GIZ assists partners in translating these targets into sector plans and specific transport mitigation actions. Covering all modes in passenger and freight transport, we support partner countries through consulting and training.

Latest News

    Freight Assessment Blueprint

    ICCT’s blueprint for performing a “Freight Assessment” is a practical guide for evaluating a country’s freight...
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    “I wait for it. I don’t ride the old Jeepneys.” – Modernizing the Jeepney Sector

    Maylin Tuano stopped riding old Jeepneys, the most dominant form of public transport, and started to...
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    Webinar: Methodologies for Baselines and Monitoring in the Transport Sector

    We are pleased to invite you to participate in the final episode of our joint webinar of...
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    A Bike Changes Your Life in Every Way

    How do women move around in Latin American cities? Lina Esperanza Mendoza bets on the bicycle...
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    Ambato strengthens its Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

    With the purpose of reversing the trend of intensive vehicle use, greenhouse gas emissions and rapid...
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    Breaking down Barriers to Climate-friendly Freight Transport in Indonesia

    The rapid development of Indonesia’s logistic system in terms of freight transport and infrastructure connections opens...
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    International Tender on three E-Buses for Costa Rica

    GIZ will purchase three battery electric buses and the charging infrastructure for a pilot project in...
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    Pathway Towards Low-Carbon Transport in Vietnam

    Rapid growth in transport activities since the late 1990s is endangering the achievement of climate targets...
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    Shaping Thailand’s Clean Mobility Programme

    In Bangkok, transport contributes more than 50% to PM2.5 emissions and is one of the main...
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    Webinar: Transport NDC – Building Efficiency and Competitive Transport

    On August 28th, the GIZ Office in Peru will hold the Webinar: Transport NDC – Building...
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