We make it easy to measure and report transport emissions.

Key to the success of the Paris Agreement is transparency about emissions. GIZ assists partners in measuring and reporting these emissions following the UNFCCC’s rules. At the same time, we aim to build transport monitoring systems with data and statistics such as vehicle registries and emission factors.

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In Search of a Universal Tool to Quantify Emissions

Berlin, 6th of March 2020, it is cold and rainy in Berlin, but the debate in...
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Webinar: Methodologies for Baselines and Monitoring in the Transport Sector

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the final episode of our joint webinar of...
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Webinar: MRV of Inter-Urban Rail Expansion

We are pleased to invite you to participate in episode 7 of our joint webinar of...
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Webinar: Transport NDC – Building Efficiency and Competitive Transport

On August 28th, the GIZ Office in Peru will hold the Webinar: Transport NDC – Building...
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Improving Air Quality for Peruvian Cities and Citizens

Breathing clean air and having a clinical history free of respiratory diseases are luxuries that millions...
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    Press Release: Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report

    On 8 December, the SLoCaT Partnership released the inaugural edition of the Transport and Climate Change...
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    New and Improved Data on Road Transport in Kenya

    Kenya is one of the first countries in the entire region of East and Central Africa...
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    New Webinar: MRV of Shifting Road Freight Transport to Other Modes

    Join episode 6 of our webinar series on November 14, at  3pm (UTC+1) German time. This...
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    New Webinar on MRV of Alternative Transport Fuels

    Join episode 5 of our webinar series on on 31 July 2018, at 4 pm (UTC+2)...
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    Roundtable on NDC Implementation and Transparency in Transport

    On 12 May, the GIZ project Advancing Transport Climate Strategies organised a Round Table Discussion that...
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    UNFCCC and GIZ present: Webinar series on Methodologies for Baselines and Monitoring in the Transport Sector

    The series comprises eight webinars and is based on the chapters of the UNFCCC Secretariat’s Passenger...
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    Transport and Climate Change Training held in Kenya

    Kenyan State Department of Transport together with the Advancing Transport Climate Strategies hosted a training working.
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