Power to X

The International PtX Hub: Catalyzing green hydrogen solutions on a global scale

In order to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement, significant and rapid emission reductions are needed in all sectors of the global economy. Sustainable, climate-neutral e-fuels and feedstocks based on green hydrogen (Power to X) can contribute to decarbonising a range of industries, including chemicals, fertilisers, steel and cement, as well as parts of the transport sector that cannot directly use renewable electricity.

PtX offers a tremendous potential for our partner countries. Favorable conditions for renewable energy production lead to new business opportunities. Furthermore, the uptake of PtX can contribute to achieving sustainability goals (SDGs) on climate, energy and jobs.

The international PtX Hub aims to leverage these opportunities together with our partner countries by empowering decision makers, providing a network, generating and distributing knowledge and stimulating exchange.

The PtX Hub is located in Berlin, a centre for technological innovation, creativity and political leadership.

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