Power to X

The Power to X Secretariat: Catalyzing sustainable fuels and feedstocks based on green hydrogen

Governments worldwide adopted the Paris Agreement in order to limit dangerous climate change to well below 2°C. To achieve this goal, significant and rapid emission reductions are needed in all sectors. A key task now is to identify technology pathways and associated regulatory design options. Successful strategies will require close cooperation, both internationally and between sectors. Sustainable, climate-neutral e-fuels and feedstocks based on green hydrogen offer tremendous potential for decarbonising a range of industries, including chemicals, fertilisers, steel and cement, as well as parts of the transport sector that cannot directly use renewable electricity. A shift from fossil-based oil and gas to renewable-based fuels and feedstocks could make a substantial contribution to decarbonising supply chains in areas in which the direct use of electricity is not feasible.

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Video: Power to X – How does it work?

The German Federal Environment Ministry released a short video clip that explains how Power to X...
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German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze presents the PtX-Secretariat and strategy during COP 25

During a press briefing on 10.12.2019 in the German Pavilion at the Climate Conference COP25 in...
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According to UN Environment’s latest Emissions Gap Report, current ambition under the Paris Agreement are not...
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Federal Environment Minister Schulze: Yes to PtX means yes to renewables!

At the Power-to-X (PtX) conference of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear...
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