NUMP Power Point

This presentation provides in depth information on all aspects relevant to NUMPs, and is structured along the following dimensions:

1. Introduction:
Provides definitions, identifies benefits, differentiates between types of NUMPs and explains how support is provided to local governments.
2. Financing:
Presents different financing structures and their constituting elements (costs, revenues, instruments) along the NUMP process.
3. MRV:
Gives an overview of MYC’s MRV approach and presents GHG assessment types for different NUMPs.
4. Processes:
Presents our 4-step development process for a tailor-made NUMP.
5. Modules:
Presents MYC’s cooperation approach according to the 4-step development process, including the Model Terms of Reference for each specific step.
6. Lessons Learned
7. Country Examples


The presentation will be available soon. 

Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Michael Engelskirchen

    Commissioned by:
  • EU