Study Tourguides

Study Tours are multi-day field trips that aim to provide learning experiences for political decision-makers from the national or local level and for senior technical staff. Participants can learn from international experiences and best practices and engage in a peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and dissemination.
This chapter includes contents, objectives and agendas from several conducted study tours, either available for download or upon request.


Study Tour in Singapore

The Community of Practice Study Tour in Singapore in the context of the MobiliseYourCity partnership aimed at learning and disseminating knowledge on best practices, policy reforms, finance tools and infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of sustainable urban mobility. The study tour was designed and conducted by GIZ, the Low Emissions Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) and the Transport Working Group (TWG). The full objectives and the agenda of the multi-day study tour can be downloaded below.

Name of the Document: Community of Practice – Study Tour 2018. MobiliseYourCity – Moving towards sustainable, energy efficient, urban mobility in emerging cities.
Organisation: GIZ, MobiliseYourCity, LEDS GP, TWG
Author: Patricia Mariano
Year: 2018
5 Pages | Language: English

Download here


Study Tours in Germany

Further Tourguides and agendas of study tours in Germany are available upon request by Friedel Sehlleier.
The tourguides focus on public EV charging infrastructure in Berlin and fuel cell buses.




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Friedel Sehlleier