Good Practices SUMPs

Learning from Cities which implemented Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

This selection of Good Practices offers politicians, officials from local and national governments as well as experts a comprehensive set of reference cases of the succesful implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in different regions of the world. The selected cases show programmes from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

 Plan de Movilidad Urbana Sostenible del Gran Santo Domingo

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of Santo Domingo demonstrates the implementation of an urban mobility project, covering varied issues such as demand management, public policy coherence and especially the linkage of urban policy with transport. The project thus serves as an example on how to spread a broader planning culture for a sustainable and harmonious city.

Name of the Document: Plan de Movilidad Urbana Sostenible del Gran Santo Domingo 
Mobilise your City | SYSTRA
Number of Pages: 212
Language: Spanish

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 Pristina Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Like many other European cities, Pristina suffers from traffic congestion with adverse effects on its economy, environment and image. To counter this development, a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is developed to fully understand the current mobility network problems and to identify possible solutions. This document sets out the background to the transport problems in Pristina, presents a new transport vision and strategic framework and describes actions plans necessary to deliver the city’s urban mobility vision. 

Name of the Document: Pristina Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
Author: Mott MacDonald | Municipality of Pristina
Year: 2019
Number of Pages: 196
Language: English

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Sasank Vemuri