Examples on National and Regional SUMP Guidance

The compact guidelines of MobiliseYourCity SUMPs are hands-on, illustrative and synthetic. They support local authorities and managers to practice the development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The guidelines identify common problems and questions that arise during the process; they make recommendations and provide practical methods of quality assurance, from the preparatory steps to actual project implementation.

This knowledge product presents a SUMP guidance example from the Domenican Republic. Soon an example from Thailand will also be available.

1. The Domenican Republic

Name of the Document:Guia para la elaboración de Planes
de Movilidad Urbana Sostenible – República Dominicana
Organisation: MobiliseYourCity
Year: 2019
Number of Pages: 50
Language: Spanish

Download here

2. Thailand

Soon available.



Published by:
Michael Engelskirchen