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BLOG: Morocco’s transport sector facing COVID-19

The Covid-19 crisis is impacting the functioning of our mobility and transport as never before. It...
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BLOG: Towards a Better Normal: Philippine Government reorganises EDSA main road – Bus Service Modernisation

The Philippine government has for years been studying options to improve people movement along the EDSA,...
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BLOG: How COVID-19 Recovery Plans around the world enhance Transport Climate Ambition

The direction of countries’ COVID-19 recovery plans will determine the world’s climate and sustainable development trajectory...
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BLOG: Walking through the crisis: Sustainable mobility responses to COVID-19

“Public transport is not just mass transit, because mass transit cannot answer all the demands for...
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BLOG: COVID-19 Recovery Programmes and PtX in Transport

Power to X (PtX) based on green hydrogen (H2) is one important route to advance the...
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BLOG: Will the Corona Crisis Help or Hurt the Freight Decarbonisation Agenda?

The freight and logistic sector ensures a smooth operation of supply chains in order to provide...
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