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A Bike Changes Your Life in Every Way

How do women move around in Latin American cities? Lina Esperanza Mendoza bets on the bicycle...
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Cycling for a Low Carbon Development

Its a fact that the bicycle helps to enforce a more equal social development and that...
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Where Convenience of People Matters Most

Walking is the most common form of mobility and is generally how all trips start and...
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Binding Design Standards for Cycling Infrastructure in Lima approved/Municipalidad de Lima aprueba nuevos estándares para ciclo-infraestructura

With the resolution N° 311-2017, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, the Peruvian capital city has adopted...
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Active Transport and Travel Demand Management

Between 2014 and 2016 TRANSfer supported the Colombian Government in the design of a NAMA on...
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Comprehensive Technical Guidelines for Lima’s Cycling Infrastructure

Even though Lima is described as having good geographic and climatic conditions for cycling, commutes by...
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